Friday, January 30, 2015

Health Tips 87-90: Use eco-friendly car, Grow indoor plants, Proper waste disposal

Finally after two weeks, got some free time to post. I am happy to be here again.

Health Tips 87: Make use of a car that is eco-friendly – Well we are always busy to find ways get rid of toxins but we overlook the sources of toxin. It is our environment that we are polluting day by day. We cannot live without cars and if we do not use eco-friendly electric or water driven cars then we are certainly polluting our environment by releasing toxic fumes in a massive way. Time is not over yet but we need to take action now.

Health Tips 88: Grow indoor plants – Tough ever now and then we are polluting our environment, we need to be thankful to our environment that they are still trying to help us in many ways so that we can live. So wake up have a look to our environment, make your mind that you will grow indoor as well as outdoor plants and help others to do the same. Make our environment beautiful healthy and pollution free.

Health Tips 89: Proper composting and pet waste disposal – Healthy body demands healthy environment. If you fail to provide healthy environment to your body then healthy body will stay only in your dream. Garbage is part of our life and we love pets, so we need to follow a routine to clean all the waste and garbage regularly. Composting or recycling of garbage or using it to enrich your garden is a good advice.

Health Tips 90: Growing a garden – Garden is always a great way to make your home beautiful as well as keeps your mind fresh, produce oxygen, recycle your home garbage, provide fruits and vegetable to you, overall it will give you a healthy environment for you and your neighbors.   


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Health Tips 84-86: Try to be a vegetarian have a macrobiotic lifestyle

Health Tips 84: Try to be a vegetarian – It must be very hard to be a vegetarian who have become used to eating meat. Well vegetable and fruits are always good for health and environment. Vegetarian lives more energetic and toxin free life than other, who eat red meat, fried chicken or other animal foods.

Health Tips 85: Have a macrobiotic lifestyle – This is the lifestyle that should be lived with your life’s harmony with nature, proper diet as well as with love and respect to your environment. Today people are becoming more aware of the environment problems they are facing every day, which is really a good sign.

Health Tips 86: Have a therapeutic and strategic body massage – If you really care about health benefits like having a better digestive system and the stimulation of your body’s ability to get rid of toxins and waste then you should go to some place where you can have a therapeutic and strategic body massage.


Friday, January 9, 2015

Health Tips 81-83: Have a holistic lifestyle with Proper Hygiene and Avoid promiscuity

Health Tips 81: Have a lifestyle that is holistic – If you live a holistic life which is mindful of the body, mind and spirit’s health all at the same time, not just any one of them. As a result you can monitor not just your health but also toxicity of your whole body.

Health Tips 82: Avoid promiscuity – Try to live a perversion and promiscuity free life. By this way you can not only be free from emotional drain that can give you so much pain but also you can avoid serious illness because of those acts of perversion such as STD and other sexual disease like AIDS.

Health Tips 83: Proper Hygiene – Proper hygiene can really benefit a person to drive away toxins from entering your body. Do take a bath every day, brush and floss your teeth after every meal and wash your hands frequently before eating your meal and ofcourse after toilet.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Health Tips 78-80: Attend Pilates classes, Do Exercise to get a good night’s sleep

Health Tips 78: Attend Pilates classes – This is also popular nowadays, even celebrities follow them. Pilates classes are more like yoga that can surely boost your energy as well as promote body immune system.

Health Tips 79: Do fat reducing exercises – Well if you are not that old and physically able to do exercise then do not be lazy do exercise that can make you sweat in the process reduces your fat and gives you a well-toned better shaped toxin free body.

Health Tips 80: Exercise to get a good night’s sleep – Sound sleep is very important if want your toxins go out from your body system. But you need to do right exercise that can induce you sleep properly. Make your sleeping environment peaceful and distraction free such as tv, computer or extra lights.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Health Tips 75-77: Yoga, Exercise and Swimming

Health Tips 75: Yoga for your body – If you want to remove stress and toxin from your body then yoga is the most favorite choice for exercise. It remove stress from your mind, promotes respiration, decreases blood pressure, gives you sound sleep, promotes better digestion and improves your posture and focus.

Health Tips 76: Get cardiovascular exercises – This cardiovascular exercise is a workout that is great for busting calories. If you do it regularly then it will do good for anger management as a result your body and mind will be much relaxed.

Health Tips 77: Do regular swimming exercises – It is now proved that swimming exercise is really good detox exercise as it works out your heart and muscles and promotes better breathing that helps internal cleansing of your body. But it would be best to avoid chlorinated water and choose pool with natural water for your swimming exercise.