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Friday, January 30, 2015

Health Tips 87-90: Use eco-friendly car, Grow indoor plants, Proper waste disposal

Finally after two weeks, got some free time to post. I am happy to be here again.

Health Tips 87: Make use of a car that is eco-friendly – Well we are always busy to find ways get rid of toxins but we overlook the sources of toxin. It is our environment that we are polluting day by day. We cannot live without cars and if we do not use eco-friendly electric or water driven cars then we are certainly polluting our environment by releasing toxic fumes in a massive way. Time is not over yet but we need to take action now.

Health Tips 88: Grow indoor plants – Tough ever now and then we are polluting our environment, we need to be thankful to our environment that they are still trying to help us in many ways so that we can live. So wake up have a look to our environment, make your mind that you will grow indoor as well as outdoor plants and help others to do the same. Make our environment beautiful healthy and pollution free.

Health Tips 89: Proper composting and pet waste disposal – Healthy body demands healthy environment. If you fail to provide healthy environment to your body then healthy body will stay only in your dream. Garbage is part of our life and we love pets, so we need to follow a routine to clean all the waste and garbage regularly. Composting or recycling of garbage or using it to enrich your garden is a good advice.

Health Tips 90: Growing a garden – Garden is always a great way to make your home beautiful as well as keeps your mind fresh, produce oxygen, recycle your home garbage, provide fruits and vegetable to you, overall it will give you a healthy environment for you and your neighbors.