Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Health Tips 94-96: Learn to say no, Know when to tune out, Lead a simple life

Health Tips 94: Know when to tune out – Peach of mind is very import for healthy body. By learning when to tune out, you will certainly be able to give your mind and body proper rest. This will help you to improve your mind and body. No matter how annoying your environment is, you shall survive.

Health Tips 95: Learn to say no – You must need to learn to say no to anything that you think will cause you harm such as taking alcohol, eating bad food, doing stressful work, passing your night without sleeping over something, hangout with bad people and so forth. If you can say no to these things then certainly you can make your life much healthier.

Health Tips 96: Lead a simple life – Your body and mind needs rest, they cannot survive continuous work load and stress. So lead a very simple life. This will give more time to think about your health and your family as well. You will get a simple, trouble free happy life that money cannot buy.


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