Monday, February 2, 2015

Health Tips 91-93: Get proper air supply, Use aromatherapy, Do not let work stress you out

Health Tips 91: Proper air supply – Air is always important to our health. We should live in a house that has sufficient air flow as well as proper ventilation. Also we need to change our air filter regularly and use carpets and furniture made of natural materials.

Health Tips 92: Use aromatherapy – There are many aromatherapy methods available in the market as well as in the internet. Most of methods are very effective to heal certain ailment and colds as well as relieve stress.

Health Tips 93: Do not let work stress you out – Some people take their job as a form of stress. Some other people do that because they do not have any other option to earn a living. But this is not what it should be. You must learn to enjoy your work or at least try to be more organized with your job as well as avoid those annoying co-workers.


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