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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Health Tips 94-96: Learn to say no, Know when to tune out, Lead a simple life

Health Tips 94: Know when to tune out – Peach of mind is very import for healthy body. By learning when to tune out, you will certainly be able to give your mind and body proper rest. This will help you to improve your mind and body. No matter how annoying your environment is, you shall survive.

Health Tips 95: Learn to say no – You must need to learn to say no to anything that you think will cause you harm such as taking alcohol, eating bad food, doing stressful work, passing your night without sleeping over something, hangout with bad people and so forth. If you can say no to these things then certainly you can make your life much healthier.

Health Tips 96: Lead a simple life – Your body and mind needs rest, they cannot survive continuous work load and stress. So lead a very simple life. This will give more time to think about your health and your family as well. You will get a simple, trouble free happy life that money cannot buy.


Friday, January 30, 2015

Health Tips 87-90: Use eco-friendly car, Grow indoor plants, Proper waste disposal

Finally after two weeks, got some free time to post. I am happy to be here again.

Health Tips 87: Make use of a car that is eco-friendly – Well we are always busy to find ways get rid of toxins but we overlook the sources of toxin. It is our environment that we are polluting day by day. We cannot live without cars and if we do not use eco-friendly electric or water driven cars then we are certainly polluting our environment by releasing toxic fumes in a massive way. Time is not over yet but we need to take action now.

Health Tips 88: Grow indoor plants – Tough ever now and then we are polluting our environment, we need to be thankful to our environment that they are still trying to help us in many ways so that we can live. So wake up have a look to our environment, make your mind that you will grow indoor as well as outdoor plants and help others to do the same. Make our environment beautiful healthy and pollution free.

Health Tips 89: Proper composting and pet waste disposal – Healthy body demands healthy environment. If you fail to provide healthy environment to your body then healthy body will stay only in your dream. Garbage is part of our life and we love pets, so we need to follow a routine to clean all the waste and garbage regularly. Composting or recycling of garbage or using it to enrich your garden is a good advice.

Health Tips 90: Growing a garden – Garden is always a great way to make your home beautiful as well as keeps your mind fresh, produce oxygen, recycle your home garbage, provide fruits and vegetable to you, overall it will give you a healthy environment for you and your neighbors.   


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Health Tips 84-86: Try to be a vegetarian have a macrobiotic lifestyle

Health Tips 84: Try to be a vegetarian – It must be very hard to be a vegetarian who have become used to eating meat. Well vegetable and fruits are always good for health and environment. Vegetarian lives more energetic and toxin free life than other, who eat red meat, fried chicken or other animal foods.

Health Tips 85: Have a macrobiotic lifestyle – This is the lifestyle that should be lived with your life’s harmony with nature, proper diet as well as with love and respect to your environment. Today people are becoming more aware of the environment problems they are facing every day, which is really a good sign.

Health Tips 86: Have a therapeutic and strategic body massage – If you really care about health benefits like having a better digestive system and the stimulation of your body’s ability to get rid of toxins and waste then you should go to some place where you can have a therapeutic and strategic body massage.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Health Tips 78-80: Attend Pilates classes, Do Exercise to get a good night’s sleep

Health Tips 78: Attend Pilates classes – This is also popular nowadays, even celebrities follow them. Pilates classes are more like yoga that can surely boost your energy as well as promote body immune system.

Health Tips 79: Do fat reducing exercises – Well if you are not that old and physically able to do exercise then do not be lazy do exercise that can make you sweat in the process reduces your fat and gives you a well-toned better shaped toxin free body.

Health Tips 80: Exercise to get a good night’s sleep – Sound sleep is very important if want your toxins go out from your body system. But you need to do right exercise that can induce you sleep properly. Make your sleeping environment peaceful and distraction free such as tv, computer or extra lights.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Health Tips 75-77: Yoga, Exercise and Swimming

Health Tips 75: Yoga for your body – If you want to remove stress and toxin from your body then yoga is the most favorite choice for exercise. It remove stress from your mind, promotes respiration, decreases blood pressure, gives you sound sleep, promotes better digestion and improves your posture and focus.

Health Tips 76: Get cardiovascular exercises – This cardiovascular exercise is a workout that is great for busting calories. If you do it regularly then it will do good for anger management as a result your body and mind will be much relaxed.

Health Tips 77: Do regular swimming exercises – It is now proved that swimming exercise is really good detox exercise as it works out your heart and muscles and promotes better breathing that helps internal cleansing of your body. But it would be best to avoid chlorinated water and choose pool with natural water for your swimming exercise.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Health Tips 71-74: Convert your meal to a healthy one

Health Tips 71: Avoid junk food – This is really important so I am telling this again that you really need to avoid junk food. Junk food containing chemicals and unnatural sweeteners and flavorings may be easy to get and taste good but you must be shocked if you could know how they are damaging your body. Actually you eat them first then they start eating you like slow poison.

Health Tips 72: Eat raw food – there are many raw food and raw food detox diet that are effective in detoxifying your body. Having it can help in cleansing your body of processed ingredients and animal products that have already accumulated in your system.

Health Tips 73: Eat anti-oxidant food – Food like cranberries is a great anti-oxidant food that promotes sharpness of the brain. Vitamin C is a good detox agent which is perfect of our liver due to its glutathione content. Garlic is also a well rich anti-oxidant food.

Health Tips 74: Eat organic, locally grown and ethical foods – Include organic food or locally grown pesticide-free food to your daily diet plan, this way you can be assured of not only making your body healthy and free of toxins but also help your community.



Monday, December 22, 2014

Health Tips 69-70: Eating lots of fiber and Drink plenty of water

Health Tips 69: Eating lots of fiber – It is already approved that eating fiber foods can help cleaning your digestive system as well as drain out harmful toxins and accumulated feces. Rice, broccoli, wheat bread, corn, barn cereal and of course various fruits and vegetables are the great source of fiber.

Health Tips 70: Drink plenty of water – I have already told similar tips before and telling you again that water is a big medicine. If you want to cleanse your body system as well as get rid of toxins then water is the number one solution. As I told before avoid sodas, alcohol and drink water instead of that, even it is better than juice. So drink water regularly.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Health Tips 66-68: Meditation & Stress Management

Health Tips 66: Meditation – Meditation is an amazing way to detoxifying your mind as well as your body. It helps to re-energize your body and get rid of poisonous thoughts that can be very harmful to our mind. Choose the best meditation guides available and a follow a specific schedule and program that you can do regularly.

Health Tips 67: Do Meditation Alone – If you want to get immediate result then doing meditation alone is recommended. You need to remove any discomfort and nuisances that can break your concentration. Select a comfortable location that has proper lighting and temperature. But be patient, give time, practice daily then you shall get result.

Health Tips 68: Get rid of your stress – You can find many effective ways to get rid of your stress. One of the methods is getting counsel. You should be more involve in social activities, open up your mind, meet with people that can really boost your confidence level and give you a stress free life. If you are careful about your health that is good but in that process do not get stressed out like feeling insecure about everything that may harm your health.



Saturday, December 20, 2014

Health Tips 61-65: Body Detoxification Tips

Health Tips 61: Do juice fasting – Someone agrees and someone not but one of the popular detox method is the juice fasting. People, who believe in this method, follow it to reduce or eliminate the toxins that their body accumulates from cooked food and animal products.

Health Tips 61: Colon Cleansing – Another popular detox method is colon cleansing.  If you want get rid of harmful parasites from your colon or large intestines and if you want to clean your bowel that may already have accumulated or petrified in the colon that can lead to poor digestion and illnesses then you definitely follow this method.

Health Tips 63: Do hydrotherapy – This detoxifying method is surely becoming popular that you can find in saunas and spas. Buy you can do it while you are having shower. It is considered to be one of those alternative methods in detoxification wherein the altered water temperature can result into the body’s blood circulation and the removal of wastes from the tissues of the body.

Health Tips 64: Do skin brushing – Our skin is more capable of getting harmful toxins. It can easily let toxins enter your system. By using skin brushing method your skin becomes stimulated eliminating those harmful toxic waste from your body as well as makes your kidney healthier.

Health Tips 65: Intake of herbs – Natural herbs are gold in the detoxification field. Such as herbs like licorice and yucca roots which are great laxatives, dandelion and milk thistle for the liver, witch hazel and cranberry which are good-anti oxidant and anti-inflammatory herbs and pumpkin seeds that can remove parasites from our body.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Health Tips 60: Have more safe sexual intercourse

Health Tips 60: Have more safe sexual intercourse – I can tell this one good exercise that can really bring positive result to your body and mind is to having a safe sexual intercourse with your love ones. Please make it happen with your wife or husband only otherwise you may get sick from it. Active sexual intercourse surely can bring more energy to you. It can reduce the cholesterol level of your body. It helps to flow more oxygen to your brain, as a result you shall get more sleep, your stress and pressure will be reduced. Even it can serve as a natural pain reliever.



Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Health Tips 59: Save your hair from harmful chemicals

Health Tips 59: Save your hair from harmful chemicals – Everyday many of us use hair spray and dyes that is actively damaging our earth ozone layer. May be we do not care about that now but today or tomorrow it will effect on us. Let’s come to your body, these spray or dyes contains various harmful chemicals which can enter our body through skin and affect various organs of our body. You can just let your hair alone, just do take regular care of your hair and they will remain naturally healthy and beautiful.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Health Tips 58: Be careful about your make-up

Health Tips 58: Be careful about your make-up – Few of us know that most of the make-up items available in the market contain various chemicals and toxins. When we use them, those harmful chemicals enter our body. Well there are many ways to naturally make you look good by using little or no cosmetics. It is better if you buy cosmetics that are made of natural or chemical free ingredients.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Health Tips 57: Stop Drug Abuse

Health Tips 57: Stop Drug Abuse – You may know or not but each and every pill has its side effect. So without doctor’s prescription do not take drug by yourself. Some drug reaction may release incredible amount of toxin that can immediately kill your body immune system.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Health Tips 56: Stop or Limit Alcohol Intake

Health Tips 56: Stop or Limit Alcohol Intake – Well red wine contains resveratrol content which is proven to be good for heart but not too much, you have to put a limit on it. Excessive alcohol intake can result into health and organ damage like heart weakening, liver problem, loss of sleep and feeling of tiredness and more. It is better for you to stop drinking because regular alcohol intake will turn into an addiction someday. You can take resveratrol pills if your doctor recommends it.


Friday, December 12, 2014

Health Tips 55: Stop your unhealthy activities

Health Tips 55: Stop your unhealthy activities – Todays fast paced world always demand more from you. Our lifestyle has changed which is good but that bring some bad things too. These days many of us spend most of our time in job, we always use internet, technology is everywhere that making our task easier as a result making us idle. Many of us spend our spare time by watching television, or gossip with others, or diving into our notebook or tablet or smartphone, and many more activities that is affecting our mind as well as our body. I am not asking to let go those activities but least we can do is spend more time doing productive things like exercise, yoga and spa or spending happy times with friends and family that release the pressure, makes our mind calm, as a result we have a happy healthy life.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Health Tips 54: Eat Organic Food

Health Tips 54: Eat Organic Food – It is great to see that people are now aware of organic foods and the importance of it for healthy life. If you start taking a lot of organic fresh foods and vegetables daily, they will not only save you from harmful chemical and toxins but also remove harmful toxins that are already in your body. 


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Health Tips 53: Deep Breathing

Health Tips 53: Deep Breathing – If you are out in the open where there is fresh air, try deep breathing and make it your habit. Deep breathing will make your mind relaxed and increases your body blood circulation by taking much needed oxygen.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Health Tips 52: Do not take pill without prescription

Health Tips 52: If you are not living a healthy life then someday you want or not you shall face chronic health conditions as a result you may have to take several types of pill daily. As you may know every pill has more or less side effects. So regular taking of those pills can damage kidneys and can cause more problems. 


Monday, December 8, 2014

Health Tips 51: Toxic chemicals are dangerous for human body

Health Tips 51: Toxic chemicals are dangerous for human body. When it comes to home cleaning you should try to choose non-toxic home cleaners. Even you are not eating toxic chemicals but they can enter your body by regular using of them. 


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Health Tips 50: Have a daily workout or exercise

Health Tips 50: Exercise give you a healthy body but daily exercise and workout also help in purifying your body and mind by releasing your aggressive endorphins and emotions. Exercise can make your body take in more oxygen that will allow your body to pump blood faster.