Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Health Tips 71-74: Convert your meal to a healthy one

Health Tips 71: Avoid junk food – This is really important so I am telling this again that you really need to avoid junk food. Junk food containing chemicals and unnatural sweeteners and flavorings may be easy to get and taste good but you must be shocked if you could know how they are damaging your body. Actually you eat them first then they start eating you like slow poison.

Health Tips 72: Eat raw food – there are many raw food and raw food detox diet that are effective in detoxifying your body. Having it can help in cleansing your body of processed ingredients and animal products that have already accumulated in your system.

Health Tips 73: Eat anti-oxidant food – Food like cranberries is a great anti-oxidant food that promotes sharpness of the brain. Vitamin C is a good detox agent which is perfect of our liver due to its glutathione content. Garlic is also a well rich anti-oxidant food.

Health Tips 74: Eat organic, locally grown and ethical foods – Include organic food or locally grown pesticide-free food to your daily diet plan, this way you can be assured of not only making your body healthy and free of toxins but also help your community.



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