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Friday, February 6, 2015

Health Tips 97-100: Learn to sustain what you already achieved, Do your favorite exercise

Health Tips 97: Learn to sustain what you already achieved – Though it not easy to maintain a healthy and proper diet but somehow you have managed to achieve that healthy body of yourself. But now you are living your old lifestyle then all your effort will go in vain. So learn to sustain what you have already achieved.

Health Tips 98: Leave the couch life – Amazingly comfortable fluffy couch is calling you to sit on it and you cannot say no to it. The couch loving people are more used to love overeating, oversleeping and of course unhealthy sedentary living, no offense please but that is true. To achieve healthy lifestyle you need to let go your couch and move on.

Health Tips 99: Make your exercise or fitness regimen fun and interesting – You can do that by inviting others in you daily workout. For example, jogging in the morning with your best friend or walking at the park with your loveable dog. You can join health club or exercise groups to make more friends and know more about how other people are living a healthy life.

Health Tips 100: Choose an exercise or fitness regimen that you know you can handle – Well this is very important because all exercises are not suitable for everyone. Always consult with trainer or research by yourself that how you should go with your exercise to avoid unnecessary injuries.

So this is the end of this 100 health tips series, I would be very happy if some one get benefited from these tips. In future I would like to share more resourceful post for your health. Thank you everyone.